Using Creativity in our Public Schools: Making and Building Beautiful Things

Using creativity in our Public Schools: Making and Building Beautiful Things…

There is a beauty to actually making something and using creativity to make and build beautiful things is an incredible process.  It might not be perfect, it may not be beautiful in its own right, however there is a beauty to making something. And, by making something I mean anything that takes creativity, which is a broad-brush term.

So, you may be asking, “making what kind of stuff?”  I mean, stuff like:

The beauty lies in the process; the intention.  This was hammered home the other day when a student said, quietly under his breath, “I get the manufacturing process, and I get the business side of things to keep the manufacturing going, but I like making something and making something beautiful is awesome.”

And while there are many failures in our student-run and managed manufacturing platform, there are also incredible, little stories of beauty that are emerging through the process of us making stuff.

And “making something beautiful is awesome.”…  Yes, it is.  For both the student and the teacher!

Our Public Schools strive to give students the most opportunities so that they can use their creativity in meaningful ways. Take school districts that use a ‘block schedule’-type of teaching system… there are plenty more chances (opportunities) that are available to those students as opposed to the ‘old school’, six-period day of teaching.

To that end, be sure to read this next post, titled, “Opportunity…”

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